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Sometimes, diet and exercise aren’t enough.  Do you have trouble spots of unwanted fat on your abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, breasts and back?  Perhaps you’d like to have a tighter, more sculpted body, but you don’t want to undergo the trauma of an aggressive, traditional liposuction treatment.  Now, Dr. Bassin offers gentler, minimally invasive body sculpting and body contouring treatments that provide superior results, with less trauma and a smoother recovery than traditional liposuction.   With Smartlipo™, Body-Jet®, and Dr. Bassin’s revolutionary new combination procedure, Aqualipo®, you’ll get long-lasting, natural-looking results with dramatically less bruising, bleeding and downtime.  Find out how Dr. Bassin can help you achieve the beautiful, sculpted body you’ve always wanted.


Diet and exercise can keep you mentally and physically healthy but may not always produce the physical enhancements you had hoped for. Dr. Bassin and Dr. Kosowski perform liposuction in Orlando to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Different methods of liposuction are available at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery, including Smartlipo® and Aqualipo®. Our surgeons and friendly staff will discuss the variety of liposuction techniques available to you during your private consultation, so you can decide which method best suits your needs. Find out more about liposuction…


Smartlipo™ is a powerful fat melting system that uses advanced laser technology to remove unwanted fat, while sculpting and tightening the body.  While the Smartlipo™ laser delivers targeted energy to melt away fat, the heat from the laser promotes tissue tightening in the surrounding areas, resulting in smoother, firmer skin tone without the loose and sagging skin that can often result from traditional liposuction techniques.  At the same time, the laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately, resulting in significantly less bruising, bleeding and swelling.  Smartlipo™ is minimally invasive, meaning there’s no scarring, stitches or general anesthesia required.  All these Smartlipo™ advantages add up to superior results, less trauma and a smoother recovery for you.  In most cases, the Smartlipo™ procedure takes about an hour or less for each body part treated, and patients can expect to return to work and normal activities as soon as the next day.   Find out more about Smartlipo™…

Cellulaze™: Permanent Cellulite Reduction

Unsightly cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen can be embarrassing and cause women to deliberately choose clothing and swimwear to hide their skin. Dr. Bassin at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery offers Cellulaze™ in Florida to provide permanent reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze™ is the first FDA approved procedure for permanent cellulite reduction. Only one treatment is necessary, opposed to traditional cellulite treatments which must be repeated as results fade. Cellulaze™ in Florida provides permanent results because it targets stiffened underlying connective tissue that traps fat in localized pockets. Cellulaze™ is provided exclusively at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery. Find out more about Cellulaze…


Body-Jet® is a remarkable new approach to fat removal that simultaneously irrigates and aspirates to gently flush fat from the body.  Because Body-Jet® is gentler than traditional liposuction fat aspiration, fat cells can be removed intact without damaging surrounding nerves and tissue. Not only does this minimize swelling and discomfort for the patient, but the intact fat cells can be immediately used for fat transfer into areas that may need additional volume, such as the face and lips. With Body-Jet®, patients experience fantastic results with minimum downtime.  Find out more about Body-Jet®... 


Dr. Bassin is the first surgeon to offer Aqualipo®, a revolutionary new combination liposuction treatment to destroy and remove unwanted fat.  Aqualipo® combines the two cutting-edge technologies of Smartlipo™ and Body-Jet® to produce a truly innovative way to sculpt and tone the body with more precision and less patient downtime.  First, the Smartlipo™ laser attacks the fat, promotes skin tightening and new collagen development, and minimizes bruising, bleeding and swelling.  Then, Dr. Bassin uses the Body-Jet® to gently flush fat from the body, without damaging surrounding tissues and nerves.  With Aqualipo®, patients are seeing superior results, with minimal discomfort.  Find out more about Aqualipo®…


How do I get started with Body Contouring Surgery?

Dr. Roger Bassin and the staff at The Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery would be happy to help you set up a private consultation to discuss Body Contouring Surgery Schedule an appointment online or call us at One of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Florida Location @ 321.255.0025 - Orlando, Florida Location @ 407.851.3888 - Tampa, Florida Location @ 813.872.7800 - The Villages, Florida Location @ 877.333.3223.


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