Fat Transfer For A Boo-tiful You This Halloween!

POSTED ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014 AT 2:13 PM  by Dr. Roger Bassin

Celebrate Halloween with a new you! While others are dressing up to play the masked beauty, you can avoid the tricks and reveal the beauty inside you! Treat yourself to rejuvenation this Halloween! At Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery, we offer fat transfer, a natural method for enhancing volume and eliminating lines without the use of synthetic materials!  Using Aqualipo, a fat removal system that utilizes a water jet to gently flush fat from the donor area of your body, Dr. Bassin is able to acquire your own, natural fat for a transfer to the desired area.


Although our bodies don’t come in one shape, our clothes do. Not being able to fill out our jeans or dresses can be a frustrating situation. Using fat transfer, we can improve the shape and size of your buttocks. Fat transfer also guarantees a much more natural-look and feel to your buttocks than buttocks implants. The results from fat transfer are permanent, unlike implants which require replacement in ten to twenty years.


Similarly to fat transfer to the buttocks, fat transfer to the breasts is also permanent. Fat transfer creates a much more natural-looking result, adding volume to all the right areas for a more voluptuous chest. Although fat transfer is meant for subtle augmentation, fat transfer can smooth-out irregularities, enhance curves, and correct edging around existing breast implants. 


Cosmetic injectables are often recommended for correction of facial lines and wrinkles. These fillers, unfortunately, are not permanent. Using fat transfer, our plastic surgeon is able to soften fine lines and wrinkles and add volume to areas of your cheeks. The fat transfer is permanent, and does not require maintenance treatments like cosmetic injectables. 


Our hands are one of the first features to show age. The thinned-out appearance in our hands can reveal the unwanted appearance of bones and veins. Using fat transfer, your hands can appear as dainty and youthful as your 20 year old self! Unlike collagen injections and tissue fillers, this treatment will last!

Dr. Bassin has some anti-aging tricks so you can treat yourself this Halloween! Roger Bassin, M.D., Rigo Mendoza, M.D., and their staff welcome any questions you may have regarding Naturalfill in Florida for fat transfer. You can contact us at our Melbourne Plastic Surgery office at 1.321.255.0025, our Orlando Plastic Surgery office at 1.407.851.3888, our Tampa Plastic Surgery office at 1.813.872.7800, and our Villages Plastic Surgery office at 1.877.333.3223, or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either Dr. Bassin or Dr. Mendoza

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