Cellulaze™ To Improve Cellulite & Dimpling!

POSTED ON TUESDAY, JUNE 05, 2018 AT 11:09 AM  by Dr. Roger Bassin

Cellulite is one of the top cosmetic concerns among patients. Typically occurring on the buttocks, thighs, and midsection, cellulite presents itself as lumpy dimpling. Cellulite can affect your self-confidence and make you want to cover up your lower body instead of flaunting your natural curves. At Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery, we provide Cellulaze™ treatment to address cellulite at its source and restore smoother, more youthful skin texture! Learn how Cellulaze™ works below.

The Science Behind Cellulaze™

Cellulaze™  targets the underlying causes of cellulite by using laser energy. Cellulite is caused by three main factors: connective tissues that cause bulging, small pockets of fat, and a loss of collagen. These connective tissues separate fat into separate pockets under the skin which leads to the dimpling effects of cellulite. The Cellulaze™ laser works beneath the skin to release connective tissues, liquefy fat, and stimulate the production of collagen fibers. By addressing these three underlying concerns, Cellulaze™ can improve the appearance of cellulite.

What Makes Cellulaze™ Different From Other Cellulite Treatments?

Unlike topical lotions or creams which are designed to lessen the appearance of cellulite without addressing its causes, Cellulaze™ works to treat the source of cellulite. Cellulaze™ is designed to achieve longer-lasting results than traditional topical cellulite treatments.

What Can I Expect During Cellulaze™ Treatment?

During Cellulaze™ treatment, the laser cannula is inserted beneath the skin through a tiny incision. Laser energy is delivered to underlying tissues to treat cellulite. Local anesthesia is utilized during Cellulaze™ and treatment can typically be completed in 60-90 minutes.

What Kind Of Results Can Cellulaze™ Achieve?

Cellulaze™ is designed to achieve long-lasting enhancements to your skin texture. Patients can expect smoother, firmer-looking skin following laser cellulite treatment.

Dr. Roger Bassin, his doctors, and staff at Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery welcome any questions you may have regarding Cellulaze™, as well as our other body contouring treatments. You can contact us at 877.333.3223 or request an appointment online for a personal consultation at one of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Orlando, Metro West Orlando, The Villages®.


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