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Watch Hair Restoration, NeoGraft Orlando, Performed on FOX 35!

POSTED ON THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012 AT 4:53 PM by Dr. Roger Bassin

FOX 35 aired a hair restoration special this past February featuring Dr. Roger Bassin and his revolutionary hair restoration technique, NeoGraft in Orlando. You can still watch Dr. Bassin perform NeoGraft in Orlando on FOX 35 by visiting Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery online! Click on the link below to view this exciting segment:

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Video

Dr Bassin performs NeoGraft Minimal Invasive Hair Restoration

POSTED ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2012 AT 5:19 PM by Dr. Roger Bassin

Watch Dr. Bassin perform NeoGraft minimally invasive hair restoration LIVE tomorrow on Fox 35 Orlando @ 5:00 PM

Hair Restoration in Florida with NeoGraft

POSTED ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2011 AT 5:52 PM by Dr. Roger Bassin

Your Advancing Hairline:

The passing years can take its toll on your physical appearance, and one of the first features affected along with sagging lower eyelids and fine wrinkles, lines, and facial folds is hair loss. Despite being one of the first signs of aging and the advanced technology available for other beginning signs of aging, such as blepharoplasty, laser treatments, and NaturalFill®, traditional battles against hair loss have bordered on primitive, leaving long, noticeable scars around the head. At Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa and Orlando locations, however, NeoGraft is revolutionizing the field of hair restoration. Roger Bassin, M.D. and Rigo Mendoza, M.D. will transplant the hair follicles from the back of your head to the front of your scalp where your hair has receded. The NeoGraft inTampa procedure is painless, involves no surgery, no linear scars, and provides natural, permanent results.

Outgrow Genetics

NeoGraft in Orlando is the most technologically advanced procedure in hair restoration. Results from your NeoGraft in Tampa hair restoration is a slow process. Like natural hair, your restored hairline takes time to grow. Once the grafted hair sheds within two to three months, your new, advanced hairline will grow like natural hair within four to six months. After generations of inherited hair loss, NeoGraft in Orlando provides a solution which outgrows genetics. Ideal candidates for NeoGraft in Orlando are patients whose hairline is thinning, but hair on the back of the head is still thick enough to use as donor follicles. Dr. Bassin and Dr. Rio Mendoza will discuss the individual results you can expect from your NeoGraft in Tampa hair transplant restoration during your initial consultation at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa, Orlando, or Melbourne Florida Locations.


More Before And After NeoGraft Images

Rodger Bassin, M.D., Rigo Mendoza, M.D., and their staff encourage you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about NeoGraft. You can contact us at our Melbourne office at 1.321.255.0025, our Orlando office at 1.407.851.3888, our Tampa plastic surgery office at 1.813.872.7800, our Villages office at 1.877.333.3223 or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either Dr. Bassin or Dr. Mendoza


NeoGraft VS. Strip Surgical Hair Restoration

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