A Lift to Your Body for a Lift to Your Life with Breast lift Tampa

POSTED ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2011 AT 10:04 AM  by Dr. Rigo Mendoza

The size and shape of women’s breasts naturally change as they age. Significant weight loss and gain, hormonal fluctuations, childbirth, breast feeding, and the natural process of aging are only some of the life changes that cause breasts to droop and sag, a condition called ptosis of the breasts.  This can be physically uncomfortable, even painful, as well as aesthetically displeasing. Back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as irritation and rashes can develop where moister becomes trapped and the skin rubs due to ptosis of the breasts. Rigo J. Mendoza, M.D. offers mastopexy, or breast lift in Tampa, to provide women relief from the pain, irritation, and appearance of sagging breasts. Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa offers a variety of breast surgeries to meet every patient’s individual needs. Dr. Mendoza can also combine breast surgeries such as breast augmentation and NaturalFill® Natural Fat Transferalong with breast lift to yield overall most satisfying results.

Rigo J. Mendoza, M.D. performs breast lift at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa. The specifics for your individual breast lift in Tampa procedure will depend upon the extent your breasts have sagged and the techniques needed to restore them as close to their original appearance as possible. Dr. Mendoza can use a combination of techniques, such as removing skin, the addition of implants, or utilizing NaturalFill® Natural Fat Transfer to achieve the fullness, lift, and contours desired. Scars will be easily hidden behind a bra or bathing suit as incisions are made under the breasts and around the nipple. Breast lift in Tampa will be performed in an outpatient surgical facility, and patients typically return home the same day as surgery. Although it may take six months to a year for swelling to completely diminish, patients are able to return to work within one to two weeks, depending on the patient’s overall health and job requirements. Dr. Mendoza will discuss specific post-operative care which patients should engage in during the recovery process to help with healing, pain management, and understanding what to expect. Mild swelling should ease within three months, at which time patients should already feel the benefits of their breast lift. A life filled with back, neck, and shoulder pain, irritation under the breasts, and body image dissatisfaction is no way to live. Breast lift in Tampa provides a lift to your body as well as a lift to your quality of life, so you can enjoy the breasts you once had before the passing years stole their contours and perk.

Roger Bassin, M.D., Rigo Mendoza, M.D., and their staff look forward to discussing any questions or concerns you may have about breast lift. You can contact us at our Melbourne office at 1.321.255.0025, our Orlando office at 1.407.851.3888, our Tampa office at 1.813.872.7800, our Villages office at 1.877.333.3223, and our Memphis office at  1.877.333.3223, or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either Dr. Bassin or Dr. Mendoza.

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