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Dr. Roger Bassin Discusses NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ on Fox News Live WOFL

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 03, 2011 AT 3:33 PM by Dr. Roger Bassin

This morning, Dr. Roger Bassin visited Fox News Live WOFL to discuss how he uses NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ to help give his patients the feminine, shapely form they're looking for. According to Dr. Bassin, patients often use popular media figures for inspiration when looking for their ideal body. Lately, Pippa Middleton's perky bottom has been causing quite a stir.

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Did Pippa Middleton use NaturalFill Buttocks Florida? Dr. Bassin discusses her perky bottom

POSTED ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011 AT 10:40 AM by Dr. Roger Bassin

In America, it’s said that one shouldn’t wear white to a wedding because it steals attention away from the bride. Apparently, England missed that memo. While Kate Middleton looked beautiful in her April wedding to Prince William, it’s her little sister, Pippa, who has had everyone talking for two months. While her shiny hair, golden tan, and stunning maid of honor dress have been discussed by fashion magazines everywhere, it’s her shapely figure and perky bottom that women around the globe desperately want to emulate.

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Tune in to Fox News Live WOFL on Wednesday, August 3 between 9 and 9:30 am to see Dr. Roger Bassin discuss how NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ can help you have a perkier, shapelier, sexier bottom.

Let’s face it – most of us will never, ever be royalty. But with NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™, we can have that almost-royal tush. And who needs Buckingham Palace when you have Pippa Middleton’s body?

The kids are heading back to school… It’s time to treat yourself!

POSTED ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011 AT 10:31 AM by Dr. Roger Bassin

Sand. Sun. Sweat. Salt water. Ice cream. Hot dogs. Burgers. Fries.

You’ve done a lot this summer, and it’s probably taken a toll on your skin and body. Send the kids back to school, and then come see us. We can help you undo the damage with our End of Summer Special. Now through September 30, enjoy 30% off Botox® Cosmetic, EndyMed 3Deep™, DOT Therapy, and Thermage® during The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery’s End of Summer Special.

This offer is valid for new and existing patients and can be combined with other offers. It is available at all of The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery locations.

For more information about this offer, please visit The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery’s website or call us at any of our four participating locations: Orlando, FL at 407.851.3888; Tampa, FL at 813.872.7800; Melbourne, FL at 321.255.0025, and The Villages, FL at 877.333.3223.

Get Natural Breast Augmentation in Florida with NaturalFill

POSTED ON THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2011 AT 12:30 PM by Dr. Rigo Mendoza

Are you interested in increasing your bust size but hesitant to try silicone or saline breast implants? Now, Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Mendoza offers women NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™, an innovative new fat transfer process that gives women the option of increasing their bust size naturally. 

With NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™, Dr. Mendoza uses your own natural fat cells to enhance your breast size. And, because this process does not require any artificial substances to be implanted or injected into your body, NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ has minimal risk of medical side effects and less patient downtime than other breast enhancement surgeries.

During the NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ procedure, Dr. Mendoza will gently harvest fat cells from other parts of your body using Aqualipo®. Since the fat cells remain intact during extraction, they can be immediately injected into the breasts. NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ does not require general anesthesia and is performed in office as an outpatient procedure.

So what does this mean for you? Using NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™, Dr. Mendoza can provide you with softer, smoother, and more natural-looking breast augmentation results. Typically, patients can expect to see a one cup size increase in their bust size per treatment.

NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ can also be a good option for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their saline or silicone breast implants. By using NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™, Dr. Mendoza can smooth out breast irregularities and dimples and decrease visible edges around implants.

For more information about NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™, please schedule a private consultation with Dr. Mendoza at The Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery by calling one of our four office locations: The Viera/Melbourne, FL Center @ 321.255.0025; The Orlando, FL Center @ 407.851.3888; The Tampa, FL Center @ 813.872.7800; or The Villages, FL Center @ 877.333.3223.

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The deal is ON for Dr. Mendoza's Aqualipo® Groupon

POSTED ON MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011 AT 10:16 AM by Dr. Rigo Mendoza

Are you in the Florida area and interested in Aqualipo®? Now’s your chance to join the Aqualipo® revolution in liposuction at an incredible discounted price! Take part in this Groupon offer and get the Aqualipo® procedure performed by Dr. Rigo Mendoza at The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery!

Don’t miss out – the last time we offered this Groupon, it sold out in two days!

To learn more about The Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery, please visit our website or call us at one of our three participating locations: Viera/Melbourne, Florida Center at 321.255.0025, Orlando, Florida Center at 407.851.3888, or Tampa, Florida Center at 813.872.7800.

For more information about the Aqualipo® procedure please visit:

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