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POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2012 AT 9:14 AM by Dr. Rigo Mendoza

Happy Holidays from our office to your home! Our doctors and friendly staff hope that your holiday season is filled with warmth and good cheer. Remember to treat yourself this year by considering one of the many body contouring procedures that Dr. Roger Bassin and Dr. Rigo Mendoza offer at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa and Orlando locations!

Smartlipo: Thanks to its advanced laser technology, SmartLipo in Tampa can simultaneously contour your curves and tighten sagging skin. SmartLipo will melt the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface, shaping smooth curves and reducing the appearance of bumps and bulges. As your fat melts, the laser will also stimulate the production of collagen, tightening and toning your skin’s appearance.

Aqualipo: Utilizing the revolutionary power of jet assisted water-liposuction, Aqualipo in Orlando uses a jet-stream of water to break apart fat cells and suction it from the body. This less invasive version of liposuction is gentle, allowing for less downtime, less bruising, and less bleeding than traditional techniques. The extracted fat cells can then be used in a subsequent procedure, known as NaturalFill, in which they are inserted into more appealing locations, such as the breasts or buttocks.

Cellulaze: Patients who are comfortable with their body shape can still be afflicted with cellulite. The three structural skin problems which form cellulite are pockets of fat, bands of connective tissue, and thin skin. Cellulaze in Tampa targets all three of these issues with its temperature controlled laser, providing you with beautifully smooth skin and firm contours.

Liposonix: With one, 1-hour treatment, patients can achieve one clothing size smaller! Liposonix is a non-invasive, body sculpting procedure which utilizes high-intensity, ultrasound technology to shrink fat cells. Although some bruising, swelling, and discomfort may occur, patients can return immediately to their daily activities following this procedure! Liposonix in Orlando targets specific problem areas of unwanted fat, allowing patient to achieve beautiful, shapely results in only one treatment session.

Don’t let another year go by feeling dissatisfied and self-conscious about your body.  Speak to one of our knowledgeable doctors or friendly staff to determine which option of body contouring offered at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa, Orlando, and Melbourne locations is the perfect fit for you. Roger Bassin, M.D., Rigo Mendoza, M.D., and their staff look forward to discussing any questions you may have about Liposuction in Florida. You can contact us at our Melbourne Plastic Surgery office at 1.321.255.0025, our Orlando Plastic Surgery office at 1.407.851.3888, our Tampa Plastic Surgery office office at 1.813.872.7800, and our Villages Plastic Surgery office at 1.877.333.3223, or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either Dr. Bassin or Dr. Mendoza.

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Eliminating Excessive Skin on the Stomach with Teeny Tummy Tuck Tampa

POSTED ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2012 AT 10:21 AM by Dr. Rigo Mendoza

Pregnancy is a beautiful time to rejoice over the birth of a newborn child. After pregnancy however, many women can experience excessive skin on the abdomen. Extra skin on the stomach is common in women who have had C-sections and those who have experience excessive weight loss. With innovations in medicine at Bassin Plastic Surgery in Tampa however, achieving a firmer, toner abdomen has never been so discreet! Known as the Teeny Tummy Tuck in Tampa, sagging skin of the stomach is eliminated without the traditional drains, stiches, or excessive downtime!

Learn about the Teeny Tummy Tuck in Tampa


Dr. Rigo Mendoza of Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa looks forward to helping you achieve a beautiful stomach! Contact our office at 813.872.7800, or request an appointment online for your personal consultation with Dr. Mendoza. 


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Become 1 Size Smaller for the New Year with Liposonix® Orlando

POSTED ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2012 AT 10:08 AM by Dr. Roger Bassin

If you’re already set on a slimmer figure for the New Year, then check out Liposonix® in Orlando! This non-invasive, ultrasound guided treatment virtually melts fat from targeted areas, including the abdomen, bra line, legs, love handles, and hips.  Thanks to Liposonix®, patients can eliminate extra bulge or pockets of fat with just 1 treatment, in 1 hour, to become 1 size smaller!

Learn more about this Liposonix® in Orlando!

Dr. Bassin and the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery are ready to help you achieve any New Year, New You resolutions you may have! Contact our Orlando office at, 407.851.3888, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation! 


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Watch Dr. Bassin and LazerLift Orlando on The Doctors!

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2012 AT 9:41 AM by Dr. Roger Bassin

Did you miss Dr. Bassin perform LazerLift in Orlando on The Doctors? Watch it now!

Learn more about this revolutionary laser facelift: LazerLift Orlando

Roger Bassin, M.D., Rigo Mendoza, M.D., and their staff look forward to discussing any questions or concerns you may have about LazerLift in Orlando. You can contact us at our Melbourne Plastic Surgery  office at 1.321.255.0025, our Orlando Plastic Surgery office at 1.407.851.3888, our Tampa Plastic Surgery office at 1.813.872.7800, and our Villages Plastic Surgery office at 1.877.333.3223, or you may request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either Dr. Bassin or Dr. Mendoza.


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Tune In To WKMG or WFLA Orlando to See Dr. Bassin Perform LazerLift!

POSTED ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2012 AT 1:29 PM by Dr. Roger Bassin

Tune in to The Doctors on WKMG Channel 6 Orlando & WFLA Channel 8 Tampa at 3 pm today to see Dr. Bassin perform LazerLift in Orlando! No stitches, no scalpels, no scars, LazerLift can reverse your signs of aging in as little as 30 minutes!

Learn more about LazerLift in Orlando!



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